Dometic launches a telescopic kitchen for boats

Dometic sliding kitchen for boats

The specialist in comfort equipment on board Dometic boats presented at METS Trade a sliding kitchen unit for use in the saloon as well as in the cockpit. An equipment that opens up possibilities for naval architects and builders.

A complete kitchen in a drawer

The trend for outdoor kitchens on boats is booming. Indeed, what could be better than to cook outside with your crew and enjoy an aperitif at anchor. On the other hand, the integration of the sink and hob into the cockpit can be tricky and each manufacturer uses its own solution. Marine equipment manufacturer Dometic now offers an "off-the-shelf" system to be installed on the boat. It is a block composed of 3 cooking fires, a sink, a work surface and a cutting board, as well as a storage compartment for equipment. Mounted on a slide, it slides out of its housing, offering a real outdoor kitchen to the crew.

Only one kitchen for the cockpit and saloon

Dometic's sliding kitchen allows the use of the same equipment for indoor or outdoor cooking depending on the weather. Simply opening a hatch and moving it on the rails moves the sink and lights from one side to the other. This saves installation time and the cost and complexity of multiplying the material.

A marinated kitchen

Dometic offered sliding stoves for the motorhome market. The company therefore worked to marinize the product. The rails are reinforced and made of 316 L stainless steel to resist corrosion and accommodate the boat's movements. Water and gas pipes are protected. A quick connection with an automatic dispenser will soon be available.

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