Interview / Nodus Factory: "We want to keep the leadership in textile fittings."

Olivia Eidenberger and Odile Laborie, new recruits from Nodus Factory

During the reorganisation of Nodus Factory, BoatIndustry asked Odile Laborie, the new general manager of the textile fittings specialist, about the future strategy of the young nautical company.

BoatIndustry met Odile Laborie and Olivia Eidenberger, new recruits from Nodus Factory, the Breton textile fittings specialist. It was an opportunity to discuss the company's development strategy.

You have just taken over the general management of Nodus Factory. Can you tell us about your background and motivations for joining the company?

Odile Laborie : I have a 25 year career in sales, marketing and communication in Paris, in various sectors, ranging from luxury to space, including new information technologies and a US business law firm. I then co-founded a start-up that was developing a surveillance robot for warehouses, which I left after 5 years due to differences of opinion with my partners on strategy. I then began a personal reflection on the future. "I still have 20 years of work ahead of me. Where do I want to spend them? "I concluded that I wanted to grow old by the sea and started looking for work in Brittany and meeting business leaders. I saw Yves' offer (Editor's note: Yves Laurant, the founder of Nodus Factory) for business development pass. There was a good click and a real meeting. I liked his personality, but also his vision and corporate project, boating and the position of leader, in the sense of pioneer, development and research for the best. The societal dimension also seduced me.

Yves Laurant, founder of Nodus Factory, explaining how a textile shackle works

What will be your role at Nodus Factory?

Odile Laborie My role is to transform the SME into an ETI. There was a turning point with the fundraising of ?400,000 in May and the entry into the capital of the association of parents of disabled children ADAPEI 44 and Proximea, the Banque Populaire's investment fund. Fundraising, as I have seen in my other experiences, is not only about money, but also about accelerating the acquisition of expertise through networks of contacts and knowledge. Before, Yves led Nodus Factory alone with 2 employees and external contributions. From now on, we are structuring ourselves with my arrival, that of Olivia Eidenberger in business development, a technical sales assistant and a quality-method manager for the training of operators in ESAT and the follow-up of certifications. Yves remains President and will focus on strategy and investor relations as well as innovation and R&D aspects. I will be in charge of putting oil in the wheels by managing business, human resources, finance and organization.

Nodus Factory drop carabiner

What business strategy are you considering?

Odile Laborie : Yves used to do this with his engineering approach. With 3 commercial recruits, the approach is different. Today, trade takes the lead, by structuring itself and with objectives. We want to develop sales to boaters in BtoC. We have noticed in recent years, working mainly with distributors and purchasing groups, that we are losing some of the user's feedback. Nevertheless, we will of course continue to work with our current distributors through our general catalogue. We will also pave the way for tailor-made solutions because the production tool and R&D are already in place for this. As for the BtoB, we are in discussion with shipyards for original equipment on new boats. We also aim to export as a driving force in the face of a slow French market. Olivia's background will help us do that.
Olivia Eidenberger I have 17 years of experience in exporting. In 10 years at Plastimo, I went from assistant to export zone manager, which gives me a global vision of the whole process. This allows me to provide a network and target markets.
Odile Laborie The ultimate objective is to maintain Nodus Factory's leadership in the textile fittings sector.

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