Special Edition / Parkup Evo wedging beers, a reliable and efficient solution for wedging all your boats

Wedging a Merry Fisher Marlin 855 with Parkup Evo from Nautipark

Boat handling and wedging equipment is Nautipark's specialty. Its Parkup Evo bers are the essential elements of a safe, versatile and cost-effective cushioning solution for boating professionals.

Safety: CE certified wedging irons

Parkup Evo bers are the flagship products of the French specialist in boat cushioning equipment Nautipark. These adjustable sponges are designed and manufactured in Saint-Brévin (44) with the primary objective of ensuring the safety of the fixed boat. To this end, they are CE certified. Nautipark also carries out crash-test campaigns on end-of-life pleasure boats in order to push the equipment to its limits. The sailboat mast is vibrated to simulate the action of the wind, as seen in the video at the foot of the article. Every year, the company invests 10% of its turnover in innovation.

The objective is that they don't break their backs,
Crash test

Ergonomics: Improving working conditions

During the boat outing season, operators carry out dozens of wedges during the day. "With 2 models, we can hold 98% of the world's yachts," explains Vincent Harnois, technical sales representative at Nautipark. Parkup Evo bers are designed with ergonomics in mind. They can be moved without lifting them using the Parkwheel. The Parkup Evo 80, the smallest model, weighs less than 25 kg, the permissible limit for repetitive carrying.

With Parkup Evo, we save 50% of time on the traditional setting of a boat,
Parkup Evo equipped with a Parkwheel

Versatility: 2 models of bers for 98% of the yachting industry

says Vincent Harnois. Suitable for sailboats and motorboats, Parkup Evo are extremely versatile. By limiting the number of references to 2 models, marinas and wintering yards ensure easy stock management and a good rate of equipment use, essential arguments for long-term investment.

Wedging a Sun Odyssey 33i with Parkup Evo 80L

Efficiency: 50% faster makeready

The choice of wedging bars provides a significant increase in productivity compared to traditional methods. Nautipark reinforces this gain. says Vincent Harnois. The investment quickly pays for itself for an operation repeated dozens of times during the more than 20 years of life of Parkup Evo bers.

Setting up an Antares 12 using Parkup Evo 80C and Park Tin 100

Services: Bers in stock and a calibration database

A dedicated building allows Nautipark to keep a sufficient stock of equipment to deliver the wedging water within one week on French territory. The qualities of the Parkup Evo also attract attention abroad, since they are now exported to 9 countries.

A collaborative calibration database facilitates the work of operators by identifying the equipment required for more than 450 boat models.

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