The drink Esprit des Phares seeks patrons of maritime heritage

Spirit of the Lighthouses

The Société Nationale pour le Patrimoine des Phares et Balises (SNPB), directed by Marc Pointud, has just developed a natural drink based on plant and fruit extracts. The profits generated by the sale of the Esprit des Phares drink will be donated to the association which maintains the French maritime heritage. A sustainable financing, but which requires finding distributors.

Finding sustainable funding for Maritime Heritage

To maintain the Maritime Heritage, the Société Nationale pour le Patrimoine des Phares et Balises (SNPB) relies on donations. Sporadic funding that the association would like to make sustainable. To find regular participation, the SNPB decided to turn to consumer goods "When a product pleases, people return to buy it and we then enter into a regular consumption process. Which also allows regular funds to flow in." explains Marc Pointud.

A natural drink available in two versions

In collaboration with a Breton company specialising in natural products - OK La Forme -, the Société Nationale pour le Patrimoine des Phares et Balises has developed a natural drink based on plant extracts (Eleutherococcal root) and fruit, without taurine, caffeine, alcohol and synthetic sugar. This makes it edible by everyone, even the youngest. This fruit-flavoured drink is called Esprit des Phares and comes in a 25 cl bottle with marine colours.

An energizing version - a"shot" - has also been declined in the form of a tube. This more concentrated formula would have effects on seasickness and attention, especially during night shifts, by reinforcing the tone decreases.

These formulas have been extensively tested and since authorized for sale by the DGCCRF (Direction générale de la concurrence, de la consommation et de la répression des fraudes).

Organize a distribution network

For the time being, Esprit des Phares drinks are sold in the refreshment bars during events or festivals, by the associations or organizing structures. The first sales took place during the Escale event in Calais, organised in mid-May 2018.

"Maritime or river heritage associations that decide to sell these products at their public events retain all proceeds from sales for the benefit of the heritage they defend. Thus an association that was missing about 500 euros to close a project was able to collect this sum in a single weekend of sale in its bars" explains Marc Pointud.

Apart from these event sales, it is possible to buy Esprit des Phares drinks on the association's website. But, today, the latter would like to develop the sale of these products in local buying groups (Brittany, Vendée...) or with well-known retailers. The SNPB is also in discussion with a central nautical purchasing agency.

"By deciding to sell this drink, they will act for the heritage, they will become patrons of the heritage. Especially since the public likes to buy products with a good cause." explains Marc Pointud.

To order and market Esprit des Phares products, it is necessary to have an approval issued by the SNPB. " Dealers are apparatus as patrons of heritage. This is a guarantee of the brand's seriousness in its distribution as well as with its customers. It will therefore protect you as a reseller and will attest to your commitment to participate in the financing of maritime or river heritage" can be read on the association's website.

Accreditation will be requested on the website soon open.

Helping to safeguard our heritage

Once approved, the distributor orders Esprit des Phares stock(s) from the producer to resell at an event or in a shop. When the company orders from the producer, the latter thus donates a portion to the Société Nationale pour le Patrimoine des Phares et Balises. The sale of this drink provides for a comfortable margin of 90% of the purchase price.

"We then evaluate their sponsorship efforts in financial terms. That is, a ratio is established. Between the occupied shelf space (physical area) and the number of boxes purchased during the year. Being recognized as a value of general interest, distributors can then defiscalize their purchases (which are therefore considered as donations) thanks to the tax receipt they receive each year" explains Marc Pointud.