Special Edition / Boatshed, an efficient network and tools for used boat brokerage

Boatshed Boat Broker is involved in the French market by sponsoring the Golden Globe Race

The Boatshed used yacht broker franchise continues to develop in France. Open to all boating enthusiasts, from the installed professional to the enlightened yachtsman and the business creator, it offers everyone a partnership adapted to their situation and high-performance tools.

A boat broker developing in France

Boatshed started yacht brokerage in 1999 in England. Regular growth has enabled it to open branches in many countries. The franchise has acquired a solid reputation in marinas around the world, in the United States, Australia, Asia... After a first agency launched in 2011 by Graham Wharmby in the field of river boats, Boatshed started the construction of a French network for maritime yachting at the end of 2017. 4 agencies were created in Lorient, Les Sables d'Olonne, La Rochelle and Port Camargue. Boatshed France now wishes to expand its presence in France.

Proven brokerage tools

Effective yachting brokerage work is based on efficient tools and a motivated broker. Boatshed trains the members of its network and provides them with many services, used by its agencies all over the world. They benefit from a dedicated website for their agency, 24/7 support, global visibility and stock management tools.

A partnership adapted to the activity

The Boatshed franchise comes in different forms depending on the mode of activity:

  • Main activity brokerage: The broker benefits from an exclusivity on its territory. In return, an initial investment, proportional to his professional background and initial portfolio of boats, must be paid. The offer is available for new agencies, as well as for existing brokers.
  • Brokerage in complementary activity: The Boatshed Modular system is an innovative collaborative model for enlightened yachtsmen and yachting professionals wishing to complete their existing activity (shipyard, school boat, naval architect...). 5 modules are identified in the sales process. Steps 1 and 2 include searching for stocks of boats for sale and managing on-board visits. Module 3 includes negotiation. The remaining modules, managed by Boatshed, correspond to the administrative steps. Modular system members choose which steps to support. There are no fees to pay, but they do not benefit from any exclusivity. An evolution towards new modules or the creation of a franchise is possible.
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