Special Edition / The Engine Room, a wealth of spare parts for inboard engines

La Salle des Moteurs, specialist in spare parts for marine engines

Standard or custom spare parts, in stock or in express manufacture, the Engine Room meets the needs of professionals for the maintenance of inboard motor boats. A useful service for products from the manufacturer's catalogue.

30,000 references in marine engines

The Engine Room is a specialist in inboard engines and inverters for boats. With more than 30,000 spare parts references available in store, the company is able to provide the missing component for the maintenance of all the main engine brands on the market. Thanks to its stock, the Engine Room ensures in particular the supply of parts for models from the range. The company also offers reconditioned engines for standard exchanges on all types of boats.

Mechanical know-how

5 employees, divided between the stock and the workshop, ensure the technical activity. The company's know-how and history allow the reconstruction of engine components in the workshop and the production of custom-made spare parts, regardless of the age of the engine. Jean Philippe, founder of the Engine Room, insists on this inboard engine manufacturer culture. "We are really specialized in inboard motors and inverters. We don't do speedboats. On the other hand, I have been in the business for years and I know our field well. A water pump can be manufactured from the stock of spare parts in a day!"

Delivery and customer support

The Engine Room does not assemble the parts on board. On the other hand, the company delivers its customers all over the world, from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean and within 24 hours in metropolitan France. This service is particularly useful for rental fleet managers, scattered across the many water bodies.

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