Mercury Marine invests $10 million for quieter engines

Mercury Marine Engine

Mercury Marine has launched the construction of a vessel dedicated to the design of quieter marine engines. Measurement of noise, vibrations... High-tech equipment must come out of the ground.

A building dedicated to sound and vibration studies

Mercury Marine, a specialist in marine engines within the Brunswick Group, has laid the foundation stone of a new building dedicated to the study of the noise and vibrations of its products. Located in the Fond du Lac headquarters in Wisconsin, the premises will include offices, workshops and test rooms covering more than 1,800 m². The inauguration is scheduled for the end of 2018.

Specific equipment

The new"Noise, Vibration and Rudeness" building will house tools specifically dedicated to noise and vibration measurements:

  • 2 semi-anechoic chambers dedicated to maritime applications, designed to provide a test environment that reproduces open sea conditions, without external noise
  • Dynamic test benches for measurement and analysis of noise and vibration properties of engines, components and complete boat configurations up to 45 feet long and 12 feet wide
  • a listening room

Continued R&D investment

The construction of the Noise, Vibration and Rudeness building represents a budget of $10 million. It is part of Mercury Marine's overall policy for Research and Development. The company has invested over $800 million in R&D since 2009.

Tim Reid, Mercury Marine's vice president of product development and engineering, insists on the engine manufacturer's involvement in reducing engine noise levels. "One of the many things that sets Mercury apart from its competitors is our investment and commitment to making every engine we build the quietest and most reliable in the world The brand claims that its latest 200 HP outboard engine, released in February 2018, is 15 to 30% quieter, with 50% less vibration than its best competitor.

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