Nautix, a marine paint system adapted to the yard, from the 1st to the last coat

Airless application of an Epoxygard system - Nautix A4 Formula+ on a 60-foot monohull

Boat material, temperature and construction time... Nautix offers professionals complete painting systems, Made In France and adapted to their working methods.

An offer designed from the first to the last layer

Nautix is best known for its antifouling paints, which are highly renowned in ocean racing. But the French manufacturer does not just provide the last layer to keep the hull clean. Nautix has developed a complete range of products covering the entire paint system, from one- or two-component primer for adhesion or protection to lacquer or varnish, as well as epoxy coating. Its offer recently includes PPE and functionalized rollers, adapted to the products applied. This Pro Team range is specifically designed for shipyards, both in refurbishment and new construction.

A wide range of 1st layers

"After a good preparation of the substrate, the selection of the first layer is essential. It will make the system coherent and efficient in the long term. This is why we have developed specific primers for each type of material," explains Mathieu Taburet, CEO of Nautix.

On an osmosis curative, after planing, application of an Impregard impregnation resin to restructure the fibres

Imprewood primer, designed for wooden boats, impregnates the fibres of the material. For aluminium shells, which are particularly delicate to paint, Metapox primer has been designed as an adhesion promoter, ensuring the adhesion of the upper layers. Impregard, a solvent-free resin particularly suitable for osmosis treatment, clogs microporosities and creates a sheath around damaged fibres.

Adapt painting systems to site uses

Each shipyard and each boat project offers a specific problem, linked to technical, logistical and economic conditions. By focusing on usage, Nautix offers a solution adapted to the professional, thanks to the wide range of products. Thus, PO and IAPA polyurethane systems, which can be used up to 0°C, meet the difficult application conditions. The Epoxygard primer, with a recovery time of more than 3 days, allows the shipyard to manage its painting schedule more flexibly. Antifouling variants offer optimum trade-offs between price and durability, depending on the sailing program.

Raking with Nautix Watertight coating

Made In France

1st French manufacturer of marine paint, Nautix develops and produces all its products in Guidel, in Morbihan. The company collaborates with the University of South Brittany in a joint research laboratory.

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