Deauville marina, end of renovation and reflection on the future concession

New pontoon at the Deauville municipal marina

140 m of new pontoons and some shore-based projects, the Deauville municipal marina is finishing its moult. Adaptation to the new boats and preparation of the new concession are on the menu, explains Guillaume Capard.

Last tranche of renewal of the pontoons

The Deauville municipal marina has taken delivery of the last stage of the renewal of its pontoons. Located along the Quai des Yachts, the new 140-metre shelf represents an investment of 136 320 € ? (all taxes included) and is part of a process to renovate the port which began in 2004. It will be completed with the construction of new service buildings in 2018. The work on the pontoons was carried out by Metalu.

Accommodate larger boats

"The new pontoons make it possible to adapt to the change in size of the boats," explains Guillaume Capard, elected municipal manager of the Deauville marina. Equipped with eight-metre catways, the new breakdown will enable the Norman port to accommodate larger boats, up to 12 metres.

Deauville Municipal Port

For a single concession for the marinas of Deauville

Deauville has two marinas, belonging to the Calvados department. The concession for the port in the heart of the city is awarded to the municipality, while that for Port-Deauville is managed by the private company Econavia - Compagnie d'exploitation des Ports, which also owns the ports of Redon and Pointe à Pitre. As the allocation of the municipal port expires in 2021, the city is thinking about the future. "We do not yet have a position on whether the city will be a candidate for the renewal of the concession, but we are not forbidding ourselves anything. The mastery aspect of the tool is interesting, especially for hosting events like the Solitaire du Figaro, but there are also constraints. On the other hand, what is certain is that we defend the idea of a single concession holder for the two ports of Deauville, in order to allow the pooling of resources. The municipal port has only 380 rings. With the regrouping, we would exceed 1000 places which would give more latitude" says Guillaume Capard.

Port Deauville

And in Calvados?

The elected representative of Deauville also looks at what is happening on a larger scale. "The CCI of Caen is very present in the department. We observe what is happening elsewhere, such as in our neighbours in the Channel, where the idea of a dealer for the whole department takes time. If you need a single dealer in Deauville, one operator in the department is not necessarily the best."

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