US ships taxed by the EU in retaliation for US protectionism?

Scarab, Wake Board Boat Made in USA

Yachts, motor boats, canoes... Exports from the U.S. boating industry to Europe could suffer as the White House launches a trade war on steel and aluminum.

EU retaliation

The American boating industry risks the double penalty. After sharing his concerns about the impact of import taxes on steel and aluminum announced by American President Donald Trump, she has just learned a second bad news. The European Union has just announced in return a threat of taxation on many American imported products. Among the products on the European Commission's list, which range from orange juice and cranberries to jeans, bourbon, seamless steel tubes and rolling tobacco, there are several types of vehicles. While the mainstream media have been concerned about Harley-Davidsons, customs barriers will also apply to"motor or pleasure boats, yachts or canoes

Almost 10% of the market for Brunswick

Heavy watercraft could be affected. The American group Brunswick posted a profit in 2017 which came to 9% of its sales in Europe and even 12% for its outboard Mercury Marine branch.

American boats entered the European market strongly, like the US brands Four Winns, Glastron or Scarab of the Bénéteau group, which invested heavily for this purpose. These new taxes could slow the trend by leaving more room for local construction. Be careful though, a US brand boat, produced in South America, would not be affected. This could make Brunswick regret the closure of its Brazilian plant.

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