VMG Soromap, an industrial tool for high-performance and elegant aluminium masts

Aluminium boom from VMG Soromap

Optimisation of masts by calculation, quality of finishes, production control... VMG Soromap relies on its industrial assets to offer the best maturity and rigging to yacht builders.

Mast calculation and design

When VMG Soromap started manufacturing masts 15 years ago, the company had already been working in rigging for years. It therefore drew on its good knowledge of market products to synthesise them and create a new global way of designing the mast and rigging assembly. From this approach were born aluminium mast profiles that mix rectangular and ovoid shapes and optimize the inertia weight ratio. With these new spars, designed in-house, VMG Soromap has been able to follow the sailing markets and attract many shipyards, particularly in the multihull sector but also niche monohulls, dedicated to travel or performance.

Digital machining for masts and rigging screws

Many end caps and mast accessories are traditionally foundry parts. For better reproducibility and to save manufacturing time and mechanical strength, VMG Soromap has chosen to switch to digital machining. The efficiency of the process even allows a price gain. 316 L stainless steel turnbuckle cages, machined from the mass, offer a 20% higher load capacity than castings.

Production control for quality

In order to control the quality of its rigging in its entirety, VMG Soromap has chosen to internalize the production of almost all components, including small parts. 80% of the rigging elements, from the profiles to the ends, are designed and manufactured by the company. 4 crimping machines rotate continuously and all the mature is assembled in the group's factory in Rochefort, Charente-Maritime.

In a quality assurance process, all calculations made by VMG Soromap's design office are carried out using tools developed in-house and verified with external programs.

A network for service

VMG Soromap's rigging division can rely on the network of agents and technical representatives built over 40 years of boating activity. The 6 technical sales representatives dedicated to masts in the company work in collaboration with the brand's representatives throughout the French and European coasts and in the West Indies.

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