Oceanvolt, the electric motor that also makes generator, winner of the DAME Award

Oceanvolt's Servoprop electric motor won the DAME Award in the powertrain category. A solution that combines thruster and hydrogen generator and could appeal to shipyards and boaters.

Recharging batteries under sail

Oceanvolt's saildrive Servoprop received the DAME Award 2017 at the METS in the propulsion category. The jury was delighted that Oceanvolt provides an innovative hydrogenation solution, as electric propulsion moves from being a cutting-edge technology to a mainstream engine.

The Servoprop is a base whose variable pitch propellers allow it to operate, according to demand, as an electric thruster or as a hydrogen generator. Under sail, the boat recharges its batteries. When dry, the Servoprop operates like a conventional electric motor. In light wind conditions, the system automatically adjusts the pitch according to speed to serve as a sail boost or generator.

A variable step to gain efficiency

With its patented Servoprop design, allowing blade rotation of over 180░ and optimal pitch control, Oceanvolt claims to achieve a propulsion gain of 30% forward and 100% reverse. The Finnish brand even shows a 300% gain in hydrogeneration, compared to a fixed-pitch propeller of course...

Pleasure up to 100 feet

In hydrogen generator mode, the Servoprop develops 1kW between 6 and 8 knots. Oceanvolt aims in propulsion-generation at the market of pleasure monohull yachts up to 50 feet and multihulls up to 60 feet. In pure hydrogenation, the ServoProp can be installed on sailing yachts up to 100 feet in length.

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