METS, the 30th edition of the exhibition is already almost sold out

METS Exhibition

More than 90% of surface sold at 6 months of METS 2017, the boat show shows its good health and continues to propose new technical spaces.

More and more exhibitors

METS 2017 will mark the 30th anniversary of the most important B2B exhibition in the nautical sector. With six months to go before the event to be held in Amsterdam from 14 to 16 November 2017, the organisers are delighted with the dynamism of the exhibition. 92% of the space available for exhibitors at RAI Amsterdam has already been sold.

Irene Dros, Maritime Manager at RAI Amsterdam, welcomes the arrival of new yachting companies. "We already know that we will welcome more than 120 new exhibitors next November, following the trend of recent years. While the high level of bookings, with over 1500 exhibitors from all over the world, illustrates the incredible loyalty to METS and what it represents for the maritime industry as a whole, the number of new participants shows how our brand also inspires the new generation of companies

Electric and Hybrid Space

A major innovation of the 30th edition of METS, a showcase space will be dedicated to electrical and hybrid systems. Thanks to this exhibition venue, the organisers intend to follow the interest of shipyards and designers in the nautical sector for the environment, by presenting the various means of integrating these innovative forms of propulsion on boats.

Improve access to the show

METS will further increase the exhibition space available to boating professionals in 2017. Hall 7 will now be fully used. To cope with this development, a fourth entrance will be opened to improve the flow of visitors in and around the show.

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