Mercury Marine, record number of patents in 2016

Mercury Marine Verado Engines

Mercury Marine and its parent company Brunswick Group claim a record number of patents in 2016. Polluting emissions, control, maintenance, all areas are affected by a very high R&D effort.

60 patents for Mercury in 2016

The Brunswick Group claims 73 patents in 2016, including 60 for its marine engine subsidiary, Mercury Marine. The number of innovations protected by the company more than doubled compared to 2015, when it had already reached 34 patents. This is one of the most prolific years in invention since the company was founded 175 years ago.

A substantial budget

In 2016, Brunswick spent $139 million on research and development programs. This is a major effort, sustained at a steady pace in recent years and representing around 3% of annual sales.

David Foulkes, Vice President of Brunswick and Chief Technology Officer, is pleased with the momentum. "Constant in our effort for cutting-edge products, we have maintained the pace of innovation, both in terms of product functionalities and the improvement of operational processes. The award of these patents is the culmination of much good work in the company in recent years. These efforts have strengthened our leadership in the marine and fitness sectors."

Gaseous emissions

Mercury Marine has obtained 11 patents in the field of emissions and exhaust management. These include innovations developed in collaboration with Attwood to create fuel management solutions and improve methods to reduce exhaust emissions from marine engines.


Mercury has been granted 12 patents in the field of control systems. They cover various innovations ranging from joystick systems to screens and motorisation solutions improving the lateral displacement of the boat


Mercury has dedicated 6 patents to improving boaters' comfort. These are inventions that limit engine noise and vibration or allow more flexible gear management for smoother navigation.


Boaters and professionals will also enjoy 7 patents related to engine maintenance. This includes facilitating engine assembly and improving accessibility to parts through a more suitable engine cowling.


The shipyards Bayliner and Sea Ray, also members of the Brunswick group, are also innovating. Bayliner has protected a more stable hull shape and Sea Ray the proposed seat at the back of its SLX model.

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