Antifouling, a joint Nautix laboratory - University of South Brittany

Antifouling passage

The marine paint specialist Nautix and the University of South Brittany have joined forces to improve antifoulings. More technical and financial means to innovate in eco-responsible hull protection.

The fruit of a long-standing collaboration

The Laboratory of Biotechnologies and Marine Chemistry (LBCM) of the University of South Brittany and Nautix have been collaborating since the late 1990s in the development of anti-fouling paints. The Guidel-based marine paint specialist and the neighbouring university have decided to set up a joint research laboratory. "It is a marriage of reason, guided by common goals" according to Mathieu Taburet, leader of Nautix.

Commercial objectives

The goal of the collaboration between Nautix and UBS is the development of eco-responsible antifouling solutions. In practical terms, this involves the design of anti-fouling marine paints with little or no environmental impact.

Based on the university's theoretical knowledge and Nautix's feedback, the laboratory's teams must implement paint characterization tools to continue to better understand fouling. Patents on new types of products should also be filed, with a view to proposing marketable solutions. It is about development and not just theory.

Investment and recruitment

The new structure is of the LabCom type, a label supported by the National Research Agency. The latter will contribute 300 000 € for three years. LBCM provides its research equipment and Nautix its paint production and formulation tools. The raw materials are the responsibility of the company, for which the entire project represents only part of its R&D investment.

The new LabCom also has an interest in terms of employment. The structure recruited two chemical engineers and two PhD students.

Long-term perspective

The study of antifoulings has beautiful days ahead of him. LabCom's strategy extends to 2025. The subject is vast. As Mathieu Taburet explains,"Each use of the boat calls for a different antifouling"