The nautical sector exceeds one billion euros in Brittany

Vannes marina, Brittany © Matthieu Riegler

A new study reveals the key figures of the nautical sector in Brittany. Employment, turnover, sector of activity and size of the companies, the report draws up a detailed inventory of the Breton nautical industry.

Better understand regional issues

After the work carried out in 2015 with the Morbihan department, the Fédération des Industries Nautiques wanted to move to a regional scale for its study of the nautical sector. A partnership has been established with the Brittany region in order to conduct a detailed survey of the regional players in the nautical industry and their economic role. Coordinated by Bretagne Développement Innovation during 2016, the study focused on 2015 figures, with the aim of implementing a methodology that could be adapted to all French regions. Representative organizations were involved. 3 major components were studied:

  • Industries, shops and services: architects and design offices, construction, equipment, maintenance and repair, service activities.
  • Recreational harbours cluster: marinas, anchorage and light equipment areas (ZMEL), individual anchorage areas (individual AOTs)
  • Water sports and seaside centre: supervised water activities (leisure and water sports). Excluding rental activities without supervised practice.

An important regional weight

The boating industry as a whole represents 7440 jobs. It generates 1.05 billion euros in sales and 745 million euros in indirect benefits.

An industry of small building sites

Unlike other coastal regions, Brittany does not host a heavyweight in the nautical industry. Of the 1235 companies in the sector, 85% have fewer than 10 employees. The 5541 jobs generate ? 883 million in turnover. It should be noted that services, maintenance, repair and wintering represent more than 70% of companies, equipment 19% and new construction 10%.

78 500 rings

With 160 marinas and more than 400 mooring areas, Brittany offers 78 500 places for pleasure boats. While land places remain anecdotal, accounting for only 2.5% of supply, dead bodies are the most numerous with 50,550 rings, or 64% of places. The 49 ports with more than 100 berths employ 385 people, for a turnover of 52 M €.

Private and associations share water sports

612 structures offering sports activities (excluding unsupervised rentals) have been identified. They generate 1517 jobs a year, to which seasonal workers are added. The total number of employment contracts is estimated at 3210. The associations represent more than half of the providers.

1 million customers generate annual turnover of ?120 million.

Morbihan and Finistère in pointe

Nautical activity is concentrated in the Finistère and Morbihan departments, accounting for 55% and 32% of the sector's total turnover respectively. The centres of Lorient, the Gulf of Morbihan, Concarneau and Brest drive the Breton nautical economy.

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