Old rigging, the Brittany region continues its support policy.

La Recouvrance, sailboat from Brittany © Ronan Gladu

Active since 2011 through the label Voiliers de Bretagne, the Brittany region reinforces its support to the regional fleet of heritage boats. Maintenance, operation, management, all aspects are covered.

Maintaining the momentum of old rigging

Faced with the difficulties encountered by operators, associations and professionals, of maritime heritage boats, the Brittany region created in 2011 the label Voiliers de Bretagne. Run by the association Nautisme en Bretagne, its aim is to develop a sustainable management model for traditional yachts and to help pool certain costs. By helping to keep these boats alive, the community wishes to maintain the momentum of the"Bateaux des côtes de France" competition which revived French interest in maritime heritage in the 1990s.

Positive results since 2011

Launched in 2011, the Voiliers de Bretagne system now has 48 boats. 1,8 M € have been invested by the region in the programme, to help the conservation and reception of passengers on the fleet units. The financing generally reaches 20 to 30% of the total amount.

With an average of 1415 passengers per year per yacht and a total of 65,000 annual customers, the number of sailboats in Brittany has increased by 20% over 5 years. The region estimates the full-time jobs generated at 56 and the turnover at 5,5 M €.

Mobilizing the inhabitants

These boats are generally born from the passion of the inhabitants of the Breton ports. In order to remobilize the local fabric, the region proposes the Skouaz ouz skoaz device,"shoulder against shoulder" in Breton. This is a premium of ? 2 500 to ? 10 000 €, in addition to the basic regional aid. It is attributed to restoration projects that have succeeded in uniting patrons and donors in the local population.

Targeting international customers

The promotion of tourism is a major skill of"Voiliers de Bretagne". This has resulted in the publication of a sailboat guide in French and English. Among the new objectives, announced at the Nautic 2017, is obtaining the Tourism Quality label. All actions in the coming years will aim to reach international customers.

Diversifying activities

The label has two objectives for the coming period. Developing passenger boarding during maritime festivals should enable operators to perpetuate their economic models. The diversification of activities, through the transport of goods under sail is a second development axis for the Sailboats of Brittany.

More and more boats

In 2017, two new yachts must obtain the title of Voiliers de Bretagne. These are the GrandBleu de Camaret-sur-mer and the Corbeau des Mers de Vannes.

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