The boating industry is optimistic after the Autumn boat shows

Nautic de Paris © MG - Arthur Lockart/AFP/Nautic

The Fédération des Industries Nautiques (FIN) organised a press conference prior to the opening of the Paris Boat Show. The opportunity to take stock of the coming nautical season, both in Europe and in America, thanks to the Autumn boat shows of reference.

Yves Lyon-Caen, president of FIN gave some trends on the nautical market, for the coming season. He is rather optimistic, but cautious about the financial health of boating "We have to wait until the end of the Nautic to see trends, because it is one of the three major French boat shows that make up the boating industry", explained Yves Lyon-Caen.

Overview of the Autumn fairs

Before we can assess the past and upcoming boating season, we must wait until the Nautic, the industry's first winter show, is over "Between 60 and 70% of the nautical industry's turnover is made between the three French boat shows, namely Cannes, La Rochelle and Paris, so they are very important shows, with a certain value and quality

The nautical season started with the Cannes Yachting Festival which took place in the south of France in September 2016 and which proved to be rather active and favourable. Followed the Southampton Boat Show This Anglo-Saxon show was much awaited with the Brexit "Sales in the marine industries stopped on 23 January 2016, the day the Brexit was announced, but in the end it turns out that there has been no impact on the English market for the time being. After all is possible, especially with the devaluation of the pound sterling" said the Chairman of FIN.

The Salon du Grand Pavois in La Rochelle was well oriented, as were the Italian and Spanish exhibitions of Genoa and Barcelona (Salone Nautico Genova and Salone Nautico Internacional de Barcelona) which were good shows.

The events that took place in Turkey had a strong influence on the nautical market and therefore the Istanbul Boat Show has been a bad living room "It should be known that at one time it was a more important fair than that in Düsseldorf" details Yves Lyon-Caen.

Finally, the American Annapolis and Fort Lauderdale shows had opposite results. As much Annapolis Boat Show wasn't good because of Hurricane Matthew, while that Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show has been a good show. However, since the American presidential elections and the arrival in power of Donald Trump, the market is in decline. We'll have to wait for the Miami salon - the Miami International Boat Show - which will take place from 16 to 20 February 2017 to confirm or not this downward trend.

In conclusion, Europe is developing quite favourably, while the periphery is suffering - especially Istanbul. It is still too early to assess the situation in Asia, while the American market is in decline. The nautical market is therefore rather optimistic and should confirm the trend of last year "Growth is certain but will it be higher than last year? I don't know yet. In any case, the trend shows a foundation of growth" concluded Yves Lyon-Caen

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