Nautix CoolBlack, a black paint that holds the cold

Nautix CoolBlack Paint

Nautix presented CoolBlack paint, a high-tech black lacquer that limits the rise in temperature. A gain in comfort and structural protection for a niche market.

A high-tech product

CoolBlack paint was specially developed by Breton paint specialist Nautix for Alex Thomson's 60 foot Hugo Boss. The pigment manufacturer BASF contacted Nautix to develop a specific formulation for the marine environment of a paint based on its"cold pigments". Already used in other high-end applications, they limit the blackbody effect.

Nautix has thus defined a brilliant polyurethane that reflects the sun's radiation. The rise in temperature is reduced by 30 to 35% compared to a normal paint according to its manufacturer.

Structural gain, improved comfort

CoolBlack, by remaining warm in the sun, effectively protects composites by avoiding reaching the TG (glass transition point) of the resin and risking damage to the structure.

From the point of view of comfort, limiting the temperature has a double advantage. The risk of getting burned on a mast heated in the sun disappears. On the other hand, the air conditioning needs of yachts are reduced.

A market to discover

After the application on the IMOCA Hugo Boss, Nautix presents its new product at various trade fairs to define the market. If it is probably niche, two sectors seem to stand out, the race for structural gain and the yacht for comfort and air conditioning.

Possible declinations

Available in black, the paint can be declined on all dark shades. The prices, not yet public, correspond according to Nautix to the standards of the high-end marine paint.

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