B&G suppresses glare with the new Triton 2 screen

B&G Triton 2

The electronics specialist B&G presents the Triton 2, a new repeater for sailboats that avoids reflections. On the agenda: new design and new technologies

New LCD technology

With its new multi-function repeater Triton 2, B&G intends to solve one of the major problems of on-board electronics, readability. Equipped with LCD technology, the new screen allows, according to its manufacturer, an optimal reading, regardless of the angle in relation to the sun. It takes advantage of sunlight to ensure good daytime visibility and limits energy consumption compared to traditional backlit screens. Its LED backlight is effective day and night. The LCD panel is optically-bonded, i.e. it adheres perfectly to the anti-reflective glass of the device, thus eliminating any risk of internal condensation on the screen.

New design

The B&G team also worked on the aspect of the repeater. The new case is thinner, only 8 mm thick.

Triton 2 is waterproof to IPX7 standard, for use in all conditions.

It offers all the features of its predecessor, allowing the display of wind, speed, depth, AIS and B&G specific sailing functions such as SailSteer and Laylines.

A new pilot control

The Triton 2 can be combined with a new autopilot control. The remote control features Intelligent Sail Steering with wind or compass mode, Smart Manoeuvre control to turn with a single button. It adapts to a large number of B&G pilot systems.

Available in September 2016

Triton 2 repeater and autopilot remote control will be available from September 2016 in the B&G network.