ImmersionProTech, an enlightened advice to choose your antifouling

How do I know which antifouling to use? How do I make sure my boat has a clean hull? What about alternative solutions to antifouling paint? ImmersionProTech provides answers to all these questions. Discovery of this atypical service.

Behind ImmersionProTech is Marion Loriot. This young woman based in Brittany is a Doctor es Sciences of matter. In 2015, she completed a thesis entitled"Erodible marine paints based on poly(e-caprolactone-co-d-valérolactone)". Today it offers a service that did not exist before: advice on the use of antifouling. Neutral advice, detached from any commercial connotation.

This advice is intended for all boaters and professionals who want an effective antifouling solution, while seeking to minimize the ecological impact. The meeting with Marion Loriot begins with a questionnaire (a kind of interview) to determine the navigation habits (type of practice, duration, location...), but also to understand which are the most important points (price, cleanliness of the hull, pollution, or even downtime for the fairing). From these questions, ImmersionProTech proposes several solutions to avoid fouling, highlighting for each solution, the advantages and disadvantages (price, application, efficiency, pollution...).

The proposed solutions are not only antifouling paints, but alternatives without biocide are also considered.

The board is billed by the time spent. Count between 80 and 150 € for a yachtsman whose home port is in metropolitan France. The report that will be provided at the end will be accurate. It will indicate for example the type of paint (erodable, semi-erodable or hard matrix), but also the biocides which are effective according to the water bodies of navigation. Based on these recommendations, ImmersionProTech indicates which manufacturers offer this type of product. Note that this consulting firm does not sell any of these products and is not interested in sales. This allows it to maintain its independence from producers. The advice may also include practical instructions to guide the installation of the antifouling.

The ImmersionProTech approach is above all environmental. Let us avoid, especially if it is a hobby, to mark too much our passage in nature. If you are also sensitive or if the effectiveness of your current antifouling solution does not satisfy you, do not hesitate to contact Marion Loriot.

Marion Loriot - ImmersionProTech
Telephone: 06 66 14 78 08

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