Galvatest, an easy tool to avoid corrosion.

Kit Galvatest pro

Galvatest is a simple tool to check the cathodic protection of a boat. Kits and training for professionals enable them to ensure the equipment delivered.

Corrosion: an underestimated risk

Although the phenomenon of electrolysis is well known, it is often considered inevitable by boaters. Instead of looking for the cause, we prefer to change the anodes. Insurance companies exclude this phenomenon from their coverage because it is considered too risky. However, the evolution of propulsion leads to an increase in the quantity of submerged metallic elements, such as sail-drives and pods. The cost of underwater equipment to be protected is constantly increasing.

A simple system

The electrolysis phenomenon is evaluated by measuring and detecting leakage currents, using a submerged probe. A multimeter type housing allows the reading of the potential difference between an element and the surrounding water. With the help of the supplied instructions, the operator thus determines the level of protection and the risks involved.

The rates for professional equipment are:

  • Nautical sensor : 234 € TTC
  • Boat kit: 336 € TTC
  • Marine Kit (With more precise calibratable probe) : 390 € TTC
Galvatest range

Professional kits and training

Galvatest distributes its products online to professionals and pleasure boaters. A simplified LED version is intended for owners while complete kits are offered to shipyards and dealers for checking the equipment before delivery or during modifications during the life of the boat. As Mr. Grand, founder of the company, says,"It's like a medical thermometer, precision and analysis adapt to the user

Tailor-made training courses are offered to interpret the results and raise awareness of corrosion problems. The interveners help the customer to define the best response to the corrosion phenomenon encountered.

Avoid expensive after-sales service

Galvatest wishes to allow building sites to check their new installations quickly to avoid after-sales problems. Dealers will also be able to be more efficient.

At the user's request, Galvatest specialists can come and carry out in situ tests and write a recommendations report.

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