Propellers: A fast ship dedicated to tests

The British company Teignbridge launches the construction of a fast catamaran for testing its propeller models. The boat will also be available for other propellers.

An innovative R&D approach

This is probably the first time a propeller manufacturer has built a boat specifically to test its products. This is in line with the British company's Research and Development policy. Teignbridge is currently conducting several research programs, including with the Universities of Plymouth and Newcastle or Duncan Research Development Ltd, and has filed various patents. The future catamaran will be used to validate and refine the performance of these new concepts. Additional shore trials will always be conducted.

An adaptable platform

The boat will test all propellers and accessories for fast boats. Specially designed, it will be equipped with all the sensors necessary for test analysis. Beyond the conventional diagrams, the catamaran could be adapted for the test of pod type thrusters and all the mechanical and electrical systems linked.

A tool for customers and the entire sector

While the boat will initially be used for Teignbridge Propellers R&D, it could also be used to test in real conditions and optimise customers' propellers. Aware of the interest of the support, the engineers of Teignbridge consider making it available to other companies in the sector, a commendable intention, which can only bring to the sector and to hydrodynamics as a whole!