Engine oils: Tohatsu partners with Liqui Moly

Jan Volk and Isami Hyuga

Famous Japanese outboard engine manufacturer Tohatsu announces partnership with German oil and additive specialist Liqui Moly

Creation of a specific oil: Tohatsu 4-Stroke Outboard Oil

The partnership between Liqui Moly and Tohatsu results in the release of an oil developed to measure by the engineers of the German group to adapt to the specifications of the Japanese outboard brand: the Tohatsu 4-Stroke Outboard Oil. It is the first marine oil for a society more used to land vehicles. However, the technology, which it masters perfectly, remains the same.

Alliance of Made In Japan and the Made in Germany

Both Liqui Moly and Tohatsu are companies concerned with the quality and manufacturing process of their products. They have therefore, each in its own country, made the choice not to relocate. The brands Made In Japan and Made in Germany are both guarantees of quality and technology mastered throughout the world.

We are proud that Tohatsu Corporation has chosen Liqui Moly," explains Jan Volk, Liqui Moly's nautical manager. Co-branding indicates that two strong brands are joining forces."

A partnership set to continue

The Liqui Moly Tohatsu 4-Stroke Outboard Oil is now available throughout the Tohatsu network. According to Jan Volk, the collaboration is destined to become closer. This engine oil is only the beginning and should be quickly joined by others to expand the new nautical range of the German manufacturer.

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