Tohatsu launches LPG outboard

Tohatsu 5 HP LPG outboard

Japanese engine manufacturer Tohatsu launches a 5 HP outboard engine on LPG. Between ecology and regulation, an experiment to follow.

A first for Tohatsu

Tohatsu launches its first LPG outboard engine. It is a portable 5 horsepower engine, powered by liquefied propane cylinders, developed on the basis of the existing MFS6C petrol model. It can be used with propane-butane mixtures, if the propane content is higher than 65%.

Environmental gain

The new Tohatsu engine has a clear advantage over traditional 4-stroke engines in terms of respect for the environment. The manufacturer announces a 12% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 30% reduction for HC and Nox compared to a conventional petrol outboard.

Easy start-up and maintenance

Less sensitive to weather conditions than gasoline, the Tohatsu LPG outboard is easier to start at all temperatures, says its manufacturer. The fuel system requires less maintenance.

Regulatory issues

Tohatsu LPG outboard is currently being tested in Japan and is expected to be available in Europe in the spring.

Asked about the development of the product in France, Jacques Ribière, responsible for import into France within Fenwick, sees applications in inland water bodies and sailing schools. The differentiated taxation between LPG fuel and domestic gas cylinders remains a major problem. The administration takes a negative view of the use of less taxed domestic cylinders for fuel purposes. Will the new engine clarify this situation?

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