Vibration Isolator Pro, the mobile application for choosing the right engine mounts.

The Spanish manufacturer Mecanocaucho launches an application to define its engine mounts with its smartphone. From vibration measurement to quotation request, all the steps are managed by the software.

A simple procedure

Using the accelerometer of your smartphone, placed on the engine, Vibration Isolator Pro defines the main vibration frequencies of the machine and therefore those to be eliminated. The user chooses the desired comfort level, from good to excellent and the type of application that includes marine engines. The application then proposes a list of models in the Mecanocaucho range that meet your needs. According to the configuration of the boat, the mechanic chooses the model whose assembly is the most adapted and consults the corresponding technical documentation.

Measurement reading
Model proposal

Once the technical characteristics have been defined, the application also makes it possible to immediately request the corresponding estimate.

Useful for refits

The application can be useful for boat modifications and solving existing vibration problems. The in-situ measurement, with a simple telephone, makes it easy to define the corrective measures to be considered. Better an engine not too hot to put the phone down The application should appeal to maintenance yards and marine mechanics.

In the case of a new boat, it is probably better to anticipate the choice by using the rotation frequencies given by the manufacturer.

The application is available for free on Google Play and App Store. Mecanocaucho is committed to keeping it free and without advertising.

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