New 6-cylinder injection bar for Yanmar

Yanmar renovates its 6 cylinders of 440 hp by equipping it with a common injection bar. To discover in the living room.

Japanese engine manufacturer Yanmar will present a complete range of diesel engines with a common-rail injection system at the next equipment show, METS in Amsterdam

The latest addition to this range is the 440 hp in-line 6-cylinder inboard engine, which will be on the market at the beginning of 2016. Available in 400 and 440 hp (ELY400 and 6LY440), these engines are from the old 6LY2A series produced for 20 years. The new blocks remain as narrow and light as the old generation, allowing them to be installed in small machine rooms, but all the peripherals installed around the cylinders are new.

Thus injection is now electronically managed with new hoses to cope with higher injection pressures. The 24-valve cylinder head (4 per cylinder) is redesigned as is the exhaust manifold, which provides better torque over the entire operating range of the engine.

The electronic engine management allows the installation of a joystick control system and the integration of the Yanmar Vessel's Control YVC.

Yanmar will also be present at the show with its JH-CR range launched in early 2015. 4 cylinders covering power ratings from 45 to 110 hp, all injected by common-rail.

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