Electric boat: mobile charging stations

Skoon Energy's Electric Boat Charging Station

Amsterdam is at the forefront of maritime and river electric boats. The Dutch port is experimenting with a mobile recharging station for electrically powered boats.

Mobile electrical terminals to replace generating sets

The Dutch energy company Skoon develops mobile power supply systems. Battery parks, stored in specially designed containers, supply temporary installations in events or construction sites as an alternative to generators. Containers are replaced regularly and recharged with electricity from renewable energy sources. The Skoon Cloud offer allows companies to group together to rent the system jointly.

Mobile stations for electric boats

Skoon has decided to apply its concept to the marine and nautical sector. A first test took place in 2018 on board a river transport barge between Rotterdam and Hengeldoin. The electric propulsion was entirely powered by a 600kWh Skoonbox container, which was replaced by a new recharged container at the end of the voyage. After this successful maritimisation trial, Skoon decided, in partnership with the Port of Amsterdam, at the forefront of the development of electric mobility with a zero-emission target in 2050, to set up a new operation. During the 2020 season, a barge equipped with Skoonbox will criss-cross the canals of Amsterdam. It will notably supply power to the city's many electric tourist cruise ships, which are also accessible to pleasure boaters.

Lighter infrastructure to stimulate the development of electric boats

Setting up permanent recharging stations in marinas can be expensive at first. The initiative developed by Skoon Energy could be an interesting, reversible, low-impact and less expensive alternative to test and stimulate the demand for electric boats. The equipment offers marinas a possibility to go in the direction of the mobility law of the French National Assembly, which imposes the following requirements a space quota for electric boats .

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