Special Edition / Nauticspot : Tools to manage your port and help boaters

Nauticspot sensor for the supervision of marinas

Security, management of berths, services for yachtsmen... Nauticspot develops physical and digital tools for marina operators in France and abroad.

A tool for supervising marinas and anchorages

The first product developed by Nauticspot, its port supervision tool is intended for marinas. Using wireless sensors installed on the pontoons, the system detects the presence of a boat in a harbour berth. It thus relieves port agents of timekeeping operations, facilitates the management of absences and the re-allocation of port places to yachtsmen in port of call. The information is referred to the existing operating software used by the marina.

With the development of connected buoys and sensors of sufficient range, Nauticspot has extended its offer to mooring areas. The presence sensor is also a safety feature, giving a warning if the mooring line breaks.

Service applications for boaters

At the same time, Nauticspot has developed its mobile application for yachtsmen. Tailored to the needs of each marina, it integrates a series of modules and can be sold separately from the supervision offer, or as a complement. Among the proposals are the following:

  • weather forecasts by digitizing the bulletin displayed in the harbour master's office and providing information from the weather station
  • viewing the port's webcam
  • an absence declaration module
  • a "port waze" type security service allowing the yachtsman to report and locate an anomaly, generating an alert sent to the port's employees
  • emergency numbers
  • a news module

Other services can be considered according to the client's requests.

Connected buoy

International success and innovation awards

"After 3 years of intensive tests where we equipped the ports for samples of 25 to 200 berths, the managers, as in Menton, ordered us to supervise all the pontoons. We are already in about twenty ports and the first connected buoys will leave for Polynesia for the intelligent mooring project being carried out with the partners of the System Factory cluster in Toulon," says Jérémy Ladoux, founder of Nauticspot. The company is going international and has obtained a first contract in Valencia. It also seduces the innovation juries, such as at the "Les Inn'ovations" competition of the Occitanie Region, where it was awarded the prize for intelligent and sustainable mobility or that of Graines de Boss.

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