Nautipark wants to wedge all boats from 5 to 40 meters on its seas!

Well positioned on the market for wedging watercraft for medium-sized pleasure craft, Nautipark is working on its offer to reach all boats, from 5 metres to more than 60 metres in length. Vincent Harnois, sales manager, explains the first step of this strategy with the launch of the Quickpad for powerboating.

Economical beers for small motor boats

Nautipark is a recognized specialist in the stowage and handling of recreational boats. Its Park-Up Evo bers are present in many marinas in France and abroad. "They are easy to use and with one model, you can wedge all types of boats, which is very popular with marinas. But we realized that we could find a better solution for powerboating, both economically and technically," explains Vincent Harnois, Nautipark's sales manager. "We looked for a more economical solution with the QuickPad, which is not easy when building in France like us."

A single berth for boats up to 5 T

Nautipark relies on a universal solution for small motor boats from 5 to 10 metres, up to 5 T. "When the building sites have different models for 2T or 3T, etc... We realized that operators do not always have time to check. With the Quickpad, at least, there's nothing to think about," says Vincent Harnois.

Also, for simplicity, the bers are fixed, sold in pairs with a front and a rear model. "After discussion with the professionals, we fixed a height of 80 cm which allows us to work on the engine comfortably and to do the antifouling on our knees. This also avoids a payload that changes with the adjustment height," says the sales manager.

Ease of shipping

To keep it simple and save on transport costs, Quickpad bers are sent in kit form. "It's still easy to assemble. We are on an Ikea system, with a manual without text to be able to be sent anywhere in the world," confirms Vincent Harnois.

Equipping small professional shipyards

With its Quickpad wedging bars, Nautipark targets primarily shipyards and boating professionals, used to small power units, but does not refrain from reaching a few individuals. The system is sold for 295 euros excluding VAT per boat.

To continue to expand its offer, Nautipark should unveil in the autumn a 3rd range of wedging bers dedicated to yachts and work boats. "Our objective is to become the benchmark for boat wedging between 5 and 40 metres" concludes Vincent Harnois.

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