Sails Incidence: The rock sailmaker will move in 2020

View of the future Incidence Sails buildings in La Rochelle

The rocky sailmaker Incidence Sails will leave the port of Les Minimes. Eric Ohlmann, its general manager, presents us with the progress of the work on the new building and the details of the move.

New buildings for Incidence Sails in La Rochelle

Installed near the port of Les Minimes for several years, the rocky sailmaker Incidence Sails will soon move. The company is building a new 3,000 m² building near its sister company Incidence Technologies, which manufactures and develops sail materials in Périgny, a suburb of La Rochelle. " We will have a 1500 m² floor in one piece, 50 m x 30 m and 70 metres diagonal. Above, there will be 2 levels of 700 m² for the preparation and cutting operations before the final manufacture of the sail "said Eric Ohlmann, Managing Director of Incidence Sails. The entire operation represents an investment of ?3 million for the company, which should move into its new premises in January 2020.

Work on the new sail mill Incidence Sails de Périgny

A new sailmaking system that is more comfortable and ergonomic

All of Incidence Sails' sail production in La Rochelle will move, freeing up the premises of Les Minimes, whose company was only a tenant. The new tool has been designed to optimize the work. " We will certainly gain about a hundred square metres, but above all we will gain in functionality, with the floor in one piece. Today, the floor was in 2 parts with posts, which is not ideal for handling large sails. We have also redesigned the ergonomics of the workstations for the comfort of employees "explains Eric Ohlmann.

The current floor is cluttered with posts

Recruit master sailmakers

In the long term, the new floor will allow the company to employ between 60 and 70 people with 2 teams in 2/7. Incidence Sails therefore plans to hire staff in the coming months and is working on the training component to ensure the sustainability of the sector. " Today, there are 40 people in pure production in season. We aim to increase to 45/50 by the end of the season and about ten more next year. The problem is that there is no real training, except for the Hell Workshops, which do not provide enough people. We are working with the region to set up a curriculum. "says Incidence Sails' manager.

Reflection on sail repair in Les Minimes

When leaving its current site, Incidence Sails moves away from the marina and the pontoons. The sail repair service could suffer as a result. " We are considering the possible takeover of a premises with a partner in the port of Les Minimes for minor repairs. This is not clear-cut. "concludes Eric Ohlmann.

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