Sardine Trophy, the maritime innovation prize awaits its candidates

Removable Reverso dinghy, winner of the 1st Sardine Trophy

The Sardine Trophy is organising its 2nd maritime innovation competition in Marseille in 2019. A look back at the objective, the timetable and the rewards.

Rewarding maritime innovation

The Sardine Trophy was created in 2017. A European competition for start-ups and innovative companies, it is aimed at companies operating in the maritime sector (shipping, energy, ecology, logistics and maritime sports). In 2019 will be held the 2nd edition of the event. Its objective is to promote innovative developments in all sectors related to the marine environment. During its first edition, the Sardine Trophy awarded the Reverso modular dinghy designed by Antoine Simon.

New in 2019, the Sardine Trophy will award a special European prize for start-ups employing at least 2 non-French EU nationals.

Selection criteria

To participate, projects must meet 3 main criteria:

  • Have a project / product / service / technology in line with the theme: maritime innovations (economy, ecology, sports).
  • Be already incorporated
  • Be able to present a start of activity (studies, patents, prototypes, commercial approach)

Presentation of prizes and awards

The winner of the Sardine Trophy will receive several awards. A cheque for 8,000 euros will be paid directly to the company. In addition, it will have access to many services, advice and expertise in the fields necessary for start-ups (legal advice, communication and public relations, institutional strategy, public finance research and market development, accounting). The value of this advice is estimated at 130,000 euros.

calendar-water shows

  • Submission of applications: 15 May 2019
  • Pre-selection of the 10 finalists: June 13, 2019
  • Final: September 2019
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