Globe Sailor: boat rental is growing faster than tourism

Rental catamaran

The boat and cabin rental website Globe Sailor has published its 2018 figures. Destinations, profile of recreational boaters, boat models...

Rapid growth in boat rental

While the figures announced by Globe Sailor are not an independent statistical campaign, they give an interesting picture of the boat rental market, through an operator working with many fleet managers. While international tourism grew by 6% in 2018 with 1.4 billion tourists, Globe Sailor posted a 30% increase, all types of boats combined, confirming the attractiveness of boat holidays. Its clientele reaches 40,000 boaters.

Fewer boaters in France

The main destinations remain the same in Europe, but the order varies. Croatia maintains its leadership with 27% of boaters, while France (15%) loses second place to Greece with 18% of tenants. However, French boaters remain attached to their bodies of water, with 33% renting boats in French waters.

A less experienced clientele

The democratization of cruising is confirmed, leading to a more novice yachtsman profile. The 39% increase in cabin rentals reflects this. In 2018, services with a skipper exceeded 25% of the activity, up 3%, confirming the trend.

Comfort and the resemblance to a house on land are increasingly sought after, to the benefit of the multihull offer which today constitutes 38% of all bookings. Catamaran rental increased by 42% in 2018 at Globe Sailor, despite higher rates. The activity reaches a wider audience, but one that remains well-off. The 3 models most rented by Globe Sailor all come from the Bénéteau group, namely the Lagoon 450, Lagoon 380 and Lagoon 400 S2.

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