Donald Trump allows yachts to fly the American flag

Yacht at anchor

Yachts can once again fly the American flag. A symbolic but also economic gesture by US President Donald Trump in the direction of the nautical industry and large pleasure boat owners.

Repeal of the Yachts Act 1920

US President Donald Trump signed a law allowing large yachts to fly the US flag. He thus put an end to a law dating from 1920 which limited the size of ships eligible for the definition of yacht. Only vessels under 300 GT could be registered in the U.S. Pleasure Craft Registry. Wealthy owners of larger ships had to register their ships abroad or as a merchant ship if they wanted to display the star banner. Only one extremely patriotic shipowner obtained an exemption from Congress to register his yacht of over 300 GT, the MY Limitless, as a pleasure craft.

Pending a new US superyacht code planned for 2020, the US flag will be accessible to MCA vessels.

Satisfaction of the US Superyacht Association

Elected to Congress and yacht manufacturers are delighted with the new yacht legislation and its consequences for the yachting industry. Florida is a major navigation basin for large units. " This will lead to more American jobs in ship repair and subcontracting industries. "said Duncan Hunter, elected to the California Congress. " The impact of more US-flagged superyachts could be significant, as these large vessels will offer more high-level opportunities for US crews. This will keep the yachts in US territorial waters and they will spend more time in our refit and repair yards. "adds Kitty McGowan, president of the US Superyacht Association.

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