Special Edition / Fischer Panda 5000i Neo, all the advantages of a variable speed generator set

Panda 5000i Neo variable speed generator and permanent magnet

German on-board energy specialist Fischer Panda presents the 5000i Neo generator set. Its permanent magnet technology and variable speed ensures excellent sound and consumption performance. Compact and lightweight, it appeals to installers and boaters alike.

5000i Neo, the new compact generator from Fischer Panda

Fischer Panda, the specialist in on-board power generation, continues to develop its range. Its new generator set, the Panda 5000i Neo, with a nominal power of 5kVA at 230V single-phase, is based on a new single-cylinder diesel engine. It completes the i (inverter) range of Fischer Panda variable speed generators, which now extends from 5 kVA to 150 kVA.

Variable speed and permanent magnet to save weight and space

The new FPE 320 motor has been specially designed for this application by Fischer Panda engineers. Coupled with a permanent magnet generator, the water-cooled block operates in variable speed, at a speed between 2500 rpm and 3000 rpm. These technological advances allow the Panda 5000i Neo to save up to 30% in weight and space compared to competing models in synchronous or asynchronous technology. The latter weighs only 75 kg, while the cocoon fits into a 500 mm side cube.

Sound comfort and ecology

The variable speed of the generator allows the energy production to be adapted to the needs of the ship. It thus limits fuel consumption, while absorbing peak loads such as starting the boat's air conditioning. The new FPE 320 engine meets the future IMO emission standards that will come into effect on January 1, 2019.

A slower running engine is also quieter. The Panda 5000i Neo thus offers superior sound comfort on board the boat.

Easy maintenance and installation

Beyond the quality of the electrical signal and ecology, Fischer Panda's team was also attentive to maintenance issues. Access to pumps, filters and all components requiring regular maintenance has been facilitated.

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