Shipyard visit / BigShip, new premises to support growth

New BigShip premises

The BigShip docking station presents its new buildings. A new tool to support the company's growth project.

A surface multiplied by 3

The BigShip deck hardware plant, created in 1987, has just moved into new premises. Whereas it only had 1000 m² in its old buildings in Yves, in Charente-Maritime, the company now benefits from 3500 m² in Rochefort, in the heart of the industrial zone which hosts other nautical companies, such as VMG Soromap or Bavaria Catamarans. Emmanuel Supiot, president of the company since 2008, takes advantage of this transfer to introduce us to the BigShip site and organization.

Emmanuel Supiot, CEO of BigShip

An integrated team

The BigShip head office serves 42 stores in mainland France, Guadeloupe and Belgium. Managed by Emmanuel Supiot, also owner of the company, and assisted by Nicolas Fayet, operations director, the company integrates all support functions. While 3 buyers negotiate with the suppliers, the 6 employees of the commercial pole are in charge of the relations with the stores and the yachtsmen using the Internet site. The 5 members of the logistics pole are supported in season by additional staff to cope with the influx of orders. Communication is also internalized, with a BigShip graphic designer designing the catalogue and posters. The team is completed by 3 employees for administrative and accounting tasks, as well as 2 computer specialists in charge of the website and internal network.

Store and process packages

BigShip's new logistics platform has been sized to accommodate the planned growth of the business. Its 3500 m² are divided between a parcel processing area, storage racks and a space dedicated to product compliance. Some elements may require the addition of instructions to comply with regulations or additional equipment, such as a tip on a bucket. BigShip manages a database of 30,000 references.

Product compliance space

The logistics teams currently handle 300 parcels a day all year round. Deliveries can reach 800 to 1000 packages per day during the high season. All products are tracked using a bar code to integrate into the Adonnante ERP system, chosen by BigShip.

Storage space

Training store managers

BigShip's headquarters is not just a logistics platform. With a meeting room, equipped with a cash register and shelving, the deck hardware centre is able to organise applied training for its store managers in the field of marketing and point of sale management.

Training room
Training room
Training room
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