Paimboeuf dry port, + 1600% rent and a company in danger

Water exit at the dry port Pierre à l'oeil in Paimboeuf

In conflict with the Grand Port de Nantes Saint-Nazaire, the dry port of la Pierre à l'Oeil a Paimboeuf could disappear. Olivier Messager, founder of the company, explains the company's difficulties and the resistance dynamics put in place.

A dry port on the maritime domain

When he left the West Indies where he was sailing for the boat rental company ATM, Olivier Messager wanted to continue his activity in boating in France. He decided to create his company in 1995 to launch a dry marina. After having identified a seaside site in Paimboeuf, managed by the Grand Port de Nantes Saint-Nazaire (GPNSN), he contacted the institutions. The Land Occupancy Authorization (AOT) is finally granted in management superposition. The port of Pierre à l'Oeil will pay its rent to the town hall which will transfer it to the GPNSN.

Dry Port of Pierre à l'Oeil

Rent multiplied by 16

When the first AOT expires in 2010, the Paimboeuf town hall not wishing to continue in this system, the company approaches the GPNSN for direct management. The latter accepts, but increases the rent by 1600%! It goes from 1250 € HT per year to 20 000? HT per year. "On our first date, we didn't believe it. Then after the second appointment, we decided to file a complaint with the administrative tribunal," explains Olivier Messager. "The port explains the rate change by a change in category, justified by the fact that we would have amortized our investments. But 20 000 € is the company's profit, before I pay myself as a self-employed worker."

A company in danger

The contractor lost at first instance in December 2017 and is now appealing the decision. "The appeal is not suspensive. Since 2010, I pay my rents at the initial rate. So we risk being fired," worries Olivier Messager. The port of Pierre à l'Oeil, entirely built on own funds, can accommodate 150 boats on 12,000 m² of land. It ensures the wintering and removal of water from the boats, as well as maintenance work. But the company that supports Olivier Messager and his wife is now in danger.

Repair at the dry port of Pierre à l'Oeil

A support committee of professionals and boaters is being formed to mobilize the community and get the GPNSN moving. "I remain polite with everyone, but it is necessary to mark the blow" concludes Olivier Messager

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