CAPITEN, a European project to anticipate the future of Atlantic boating


Eco-built boats, new nautical practices, port of the future... 18 European partners are joining forces in the CAPITEN project to prepare tomorrow's yachting, as Isabelle Parfitt explains.

Mobilization of the Atlantic Arc

The CAPITEN project, for the Atlantic Cluster for Technological and Economic Innovation in the Nautical Sector, is a European initiative bringing together 18 partners from 5 Atlantic Arc countries, from the Canary Islands to Scotland. Led by the Brittany Region, its objective is to promote economic development and job creation within the Atlantic Arc's nautical sector. With a budget of ?3 million, 75% of which is financed by the European Union, the CAPITEN project will run for 3 years, from 2017 to 2020. "It already mobilizes 50 to 60 people from the various partners and more, once the economic actors are involved," says Isabelle Parfitt, coordinator within the Brittany Region.

European regions involved in the CAPITEN project

4 components of boating

CAPITEN deals with boating in all its aspects. 4 main axes have been identified:

  • Innovative nautical practices
  • Eco-design, eco-construction and deconstruction of boats
  • Cabotage routes on the Atlantic coast
  • Welcoming boaters

The Atlantic Beach Tour will complete the system to present the advances to the public.

Supporting a sustainable boating industry

In its industrial component, the CAPITEN project, led by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of La Rochelle, plans to launch a first phase of an inventory of good environmental practices in the manufacture and deconstruction of recreational craft. A call for expressions of interest will then make it possible to select 3 eco-design projects, led by naval architects and students. CAPITEN will finance the construction of the prototype of the best of these 3 projects.

"In this respect, the Brittany region will work to inform and approach industrialists, in particular through the organisation of BtoB seminars. By working on a European scale, this allows the territories involved to see and be inspired by what is happening elsewhere in the Atlantic Arc," explains Isabelle Parfitt.

Improve the reception of boaters

By developing small and large cabotage routes, from Scotland to Portugal, CAPITEN aims to enhance the value of sites of interest in the various water bodies. In this way, it wishes to attract new customers, from individual yachtsmen to tour operators operating in fleets.

The project on marinas aims to improve services, but also to reach tourists who stroll on the pontoons without practising boating.

New practitioners

As is the case with many institutions, CAPITEN is also looking at new nautical practices. The innovative products section, managed by Nautisme in Brittany, aims to attract new water sports enthusiasts.

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