Max-Prop - a two-bladed propeller in the Easy range

Two-bladed Max-Prop in the Easy range

Until now, Max-Prop's Easy range had no two-bladed propeller. The old model, difficult to assemble and adjust, had disappeared from the catalogue. But for 2018, this manufacturer is relaunching production with a model that fits into the Easy range.

Remember that Max-Prop propellers are sailing propellers that feather when not in use. Thus they offer less grip and do not slow down (or very little) the sailboat when it progresses thanks to the wind.

The arguments of the Easy range are:

  • Easy installation
  • Pitch adjustment without removing the propeller

The Easy range was limited to propellers with 3 to 5 blades. The Max-Prop two-blade remained until then on the old Max-Prop design, with a more delicate assembly and a pitch adjustment which required the complete dismantling of the propeller..

In front of the request of many practitioners who remain attached to the performances of Max-Prop, but who were a little discouraged by the assembly of the two-blade, Max-Prop decided to give a new life to its two-blade by leaving it in Easy range.

For the moment (pending further development), these twin blades are available for 25 mm or 1'' shafts and 12'' to 16'' propeller diameters.

The first copies of this new two-bladed Max-Prop will be on display at the Cannes and La Rochelle boat shows in September 2017.

Max-Prop propellers are distributed in France by Seaview Progress.
From 1860 € to 2520 € TTC.
The 12 to 16" are available since early summer,
and the largest (up to 18") last quarter 2017.

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