Orca Perlage, the new hypalon finish soon on shows

Semi-rigid with Hypalon float from Orca - Pennel & Flipo

The world leader in hypalon for inflatable and semi-rigid boats, Pennel & Flipo has launched its new Orca Perlage finish. Soon visible, it offers new aesthetic and practical qualities.

Extended finishing range

The world leader in Hypalon coated fabric, Pennel & Flipo, is expanding its range of finishing textures for inflatable and semi-rigid boats. Presented several months ago, the new Orca Perlage should be visible on boats at the next boat shows. This new fabric integrating half pearls, distributed over the entire surface, joins Orca Fabric Impression with a matt and rough texture inspired by textiles, Orca Silver / Metal, Orca Carbon with carbon fibre motif and Orca Camo and its camouflage prints.

Orca Beading


The new Orca Perlage and its rounded pimples give a slightly shiny, pearly, silvery appearance. Available in anthracite grey or arctic grey, it extends Pennel & Flipo's aesthetic range.


Thanks to its slightly rough surface, Orca Perlage provides good grip and makes the hypalon less slippery than a classic finish. The width of the grooves between the pearls, more important than on a textile aspect, allows an easy cleaning and thus a better maintenance.

"The creation of this new fabric is the result of our discussions with shipyards and end users," explains Fabrice They, sales manager at Pennel & Flipo. Appointment is taken on the boat shows to see the result.