Max Prop Boomerang propeller, feathering without mechanical friction

Max Prop offers a 5 blade propeller with automatic feathering, without the need for mechanical friction. An alternative to the shaft brake that should please both boaters and shipyards.

Default feathering

Max Prop and its French distributor SeaView Progress have been offering feathering propellers for many years. The new 5-blade model Boomerang takes a new step. Thanks to a mechanical system similar to a spring, integrated in the propeller, the blades feather by default, in the absence of engine torque.

An alternative to the shaft brake

Conventional feathering required mechanical friction on the shaft to create the resistive torque causing the blades to be placed in neutral position. With the development of hydraulic or electric reversers, it had become necessary to add a shaft line brake to obtain this friction. The new Max Prop propeller saves this device and thus saves weight and complexity in the propulsion line.

With the generalization of hydraulic reversers on engines above 100 HP, the Boomerang propeller market looks important.

Marketing launched

On trial for over a year, Max Prop's Boomerang propeller has been in service since the end of 2016. This is a success for Jean-Christophe Crasnier, Sales Director France of SeaView Progress, importer Max Prop"This solution has already been validated as original equipment by several shipyards, both in monohulls and multihulls

Bi Pale Easy

During the Grande Motte Multihull Show, Sea View Progress also presented for the first time at a show the new twin-bladed feathering propeller from Max Prop's Easy range. It completes the Max Prop offer, in its simplified installation version, now available from 2 to 5 blades.

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