Vendée Globe, exceptional media coverage

Start of the Vendée Globe 2016-2017

Alongside the sporting records and technical exploits, the 2016-2017 Vendée Globe has gained even more notoriety. The media, television, press, internet and social media spin-offs are up sharply. Enough to delight the ocean racing economy.

French people affected 74 times on average

The"Media Noise" of the Vendée Globe amounts to 7404 UBM (Unit of Media Noise corresponding to 1% of the population affected by content dealing with the race). This represents an increase of more than 20% compared to the 2012 edition. Each Frenchman therefore heard 74 times about the Vendée Globe during the event in the various media.

The Vendée Globe organisation recorded a total of 45,000 subjects, articles and messages related to the race, of which 36% on television, 22% in the written press, 19% on websites, 15% on social media and 8% on radio.

State-of-the-art television

Television broadcast a total of 1,236 hours, compared with only 738 hours in 2012. The number of channels broadcasting images from the Vendée Globe has doubled to 97 antennas, thanks in particular to an increase in international coverage to 190 countries, which can be explained by the number of international skippers.

In France, television broadcast 605 hours of images on the Vendée Globe.

Social media on the rise

Following the general media evolution and the strategy implemented by the Vendée Globe organisation, the share of social media is increasing sharply. The organizers are pleased with 264 000 fans on Facebook, with an increase of 350% over 4 years and 54 000 followers on Twitter, an increase of 280%. For the first time, the number of videos seen on Facebook (41 million) exceeded the number seen on the website via Dailymotion (24.7 million) and Youtube (4.6 million).

The official website resists

The official website is holding up well despite changing information practices. It has nearly 10 million unique visitors, 87 million visits and 260 million page views during the race. The cumulative traffic from the Vendée Globe website and the mobile application (downloaded 242,000 times) has 345 million page views.