Boat rental, a European market worth 1.5 billion euros

Boat rental

The Nautal agency publishes a study on the European boat rental market. Business volume, boat size... an instructive overview.

A market worth 1.5 billion euros

After a first study on the Spanish market in 2015, the Nautal boat rental agency extended it in 2016 to France, Italy, Germany, Greece and Croatia. The figures were then extrapolated for Europe as a whole. Nautal estimates the European yacht charter market at between 1.5 and 2 billion euros.

Predominance of sailboats

According to the Nautal study, the share of monohull yachts is the most important in rental. The agency explains this by a lower price per available cabin. If the rental of semi-rigid boats by the day is attractive, the rental is more often intended for cruising and therefore requires cabins with sleeping accommodation. Similarly, the price per cabin of the catamaran is higher.

The typical sailing boat rented in Europe has between 3 and 4 cabins.

Increase in buildings

While the market for the construction of boats for private individuals is stagnating, the market for sailboats and motor boats for hire is growing. Bavaria and the Bénéteau Group brands are the most represented on the European market.

Modest rental companies

The majority of the charter companies identified by Nautal in Europe operate fewer than 10 boats. Large companies like Moorings or Kiriacoulis are the exception.

If the study remains partial and carried out by a stakeholder in the sector, it shows the importance of the economic fabric represented by charter and rental boats in Europe.

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