SEAir seeks funds for its development

Moth SEAir

The start-up SEAir, specialist in the flying boat, launches a fund raising to continue its development. Objective: capital to take off literally and figuratively.

Become the flight specialist for everyone

As we mentioned in these columns, the company SEAir was founded at the beginning of 2016 by Bertrand Castelnérac and Richard Forest to prepare sailing for the massive arrival of foils. The company's objective is to become the technical specialist of reference in the mechanics of flight and the equipment necessary to sustain livable sailboats, by preparing upstream the democratization of flying boats.

Launched projects to be financed

Patents have already been filed on how foils are manufactured and the marketing of technical parts has already begun.

The development of the SEAir's major project, the"slave foil block", is underway on the demonstrator, the Mini"Magnum" No. 747, with the aim of being the first monohull to fly permanently offshore.

Recruitment in progress

SEAir is expanding its team to 8 employees by the end of 2016.

Capital multiplied by 5

It is to support these developments that the young start-up wishes to increase its capital. Currently endowed with a base of 138 € k?, SEAir wishes to raise 500 € k? additional to finance its R&D activities in the manufacture and control of foils.

The company is in the process of being accredited as a Young Innovative Company by the BPI. Tax exemption opportunities exist for new investors.

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