Yanmar and Transfluid present their first parallel hybrid engine

Yanmar marine hybrid engine presentation - Transfluid in Yokohama

Marine engine manufacturer Yanmar and transmission specialist Transfluid unveiled their hybrid engine package. Parallel diesel and electric technology that could make waves in the marine industry.

1st Yanmar hybrid engine pack

Japanese marine engine manufacturer Yanmar unveiled its new hybrid diesel electric drive system at the Yokohama International Boat Show. Designed with the Italian transmission specialist Transfluid, it couples the new 6-cylinder 6LY440 engine from Japan, which develops 324 kW at 3300 rpm and the transalpin manufacturer's HM2000-40 system, which combines a 2:1 gearbox with a 40 kW permanent magnet electric motor. LiFePO4 batteries from 19.2 kWh to 96 V complete the installation.

The choice of parallel technology

With this new product, Yanmar chooses parallel installation, unlike series or diesel-electric systems, in which a generator charges the batteries for an electric motor that alone provides propulsion. The clutch offered by Transfluid allows operation in 4 modes, ensuring redundant energy:

  • pure electric: the electric motor drives the propeller
  • pure diesel: the internal combustion engine drives the propeller
  • booster: both motors operate simultaneously to increase power during operation or lift-off
  • generator: the internal combustion engine acts as a generator and recharges the batteries.

2 years of development

Yanmar tested the installation for 2 years off Japan on board a Yanmar EX38 sport fishing boat before offering it to the public. While Transfluid has worked with shipyards like Bavaria for boat models, Yanmar's new offering is the first turnkey parallel hybrid offering. Initially distributed in the Pacific zone, it could interest European shipyards...

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