Volvo Penta does not intend to stop at 1000 CV

Bjorn Ingemanson, CEO of Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta presented its new D13 1000 HP engine at Cannes. The opportunity to give some leads on the development strategy of the Swedish marine engine manufacturer.

Increasingly powerful inboard engines

Volvo Penta officially presented its new D13 1000 HP engine at the Cannes Yachting Festival. This inboard engine, which can reach a power equivalent to 1350 HP with Volvo's IPS contra-rotating propeller base, is now the most powerful in the Swedish engine manufacturer's range. It allows the brand to equip yachts up to 120 feet. A 120-foot Amer Cento is already under construction in Italy with a quadruple installation in D13-IPS1350.

Asked about the future development of the Volvo range towards more powerful engines, Johan Wästeräng, Vice President in charge of leisure products at Volvo Penta, confirmed that the engine manufacturer did not intend to stop at 1000 HP. "We should probably have stronger powers in two to three years..."

New Volvo Penta D13-1000 marine engine

The outboard that has become a must

Volvo Penta took control of 80% of the American outboard engine manufacturer Seven Marine in the summer of 2017. When asked about Volvo's outboard propulsion projects, Björn Ingemanson, CEO of Volvo Penta, was not very talkative. He nevertheless stated that the outboard has become a must for yachting and that Volvo will offer Seven Marine engines in Europe with CE certification as early as 2017. A wider power range will soon emerge. He also stressed the consistency of the outboard technology with the joystick technology developed by Volvo Penta.

The diesel outboard, an option to study

In parallel with the takeover of Seven Marine, an agreement on diesel outboard patents was reached with Oxe Diesel, as we wrote in these columns. Asked by BoatIndustry about Volvo Penta's potential development of diesel outboard engines, Björn Ingemanson said the door was still open for this type of project, although it is not a priority to date.

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