Teak Solutions reportedly supplied illegal teak on the yacht A

The megayacht A

A procedure is under way concerning the origin of the teak used on the superyacht A. The supplier Teak Solutions would be involved. The event recalls the problem of sustainable management of teak stocks, widely used in boating.

Wood of questionable origin

The German newspaper Deutsche Welle reports that teak of illegal origin was used during the construction by the German shipyard Nobiskrug of the record-breaking megayacht, the A, 143 m long, delivered in February 2017. The article quotes a statement by prosecutor Axel Bieler to the DPA press agency, stating that wood samples taken from the sailboat showed that it did not come from legal plantations.

Nobiskrug Shipyard indicates full cooperation with the judiciary.

The supplier Teak Solutions implicated

The London-based Environmental Investigation Agency had already laid the first charges concerning the use of illegally felled timber in October 2016. It targeted the Spanish supplier Teak Solutions and 8 other European suppliers, accused of'wilful ignorance'.

1278 teak pieces, for a price of 174 750 €, imported from Myanmar by Teak Solutions in violation of European regulations, would have been used by Nobiskrug. This is only one of many contentious loads according to the environmental protection association.

The CEO of Teak Solutions says that these imports were legal and complied with European rules, adding that its supplier MTE was the safest way to source wood.

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