Evinrude, the choice of the 2-stroke engine

Evinrude E-Tec G2 150 CV

In a European outboard market dominated by the 4-stroke, Evinrude chooses the 2-stroke. A counter-current positioning that performance justifies. Torque, power, consumption, environment...

A high tech 2 stroke

While all the competitors switched to 4-stroke, Evinrude chose to stay on a 2-stroke technology. To maintain a sufficiently low level of pollutant emissions, the Canadian brand first developed the E-Tec generation, direct injection engines, based on its old blocks. Evinrude's new E-Tec G2 spearheads have been developed with engine blocks specially designed for direct injection to make the most of this technology. They received an Innovation Award at NMMA 2016.

High torque

According to Jason Eckman, E-Tec G2 Product Manager for Evinrude, the new 150-200 horsepower engines offer 30% more torque than previous generations, especially at low revs.

In addition, a fast, flat, rising power curve at high rpm allows the engine to maintain performance in corners and when heavily loaded.

Injection on Evinrude E-Tec G2 engine

Limited consumption at high speed

Evinrude E Tec G2 engines have a consumption curve less linked to speed than 4-stroke engines. Thus, an energy efficiency still optimal at 30 knots allows a substantial fuel saving for the yachtsman.

Efficient and environmentally friendly idling

With a very low idle speed of 400 rpm, the E-Tec G2 is extremely quiet. CO emissions are very low.

A necessary pedagogy

In a very uniform market, where almost all outboards sold in Europe are 4-strokes, Evinrude has to explain its technological choice to the general public to convince. There is no doubt that the marketing efforts under way, in particular by equipping new boats, will succeed in this.

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