Save Marine Hydrogen Generators, Commercialization Advances

Introduced more than two years ago, the Save Marine low-speed hydrogen generator is accelerating its commercialization. Between technical optimisation and the creation of a sales network, the Grenoble start-up is not idle.

Special low speed technology for the cruiser market

Although we know of other brands of high-performance hydrogen generators for fast racing boats, they are not competitors for Jean-Dominique Zanus, from Save Marine. Indeed, the technology developed by Bernard Perrière in his Grenoble laboratory and now carried and marketed by Save Marine, works optimally on the speed range between 4 and 8 knots, typical of cruising yachts. Above 10 knots, the turbine must be removed from the water.

The generators are equipped with 80 magnets, located in the composite nozzle, around the propeller. The multiplication of small sources allows low speed operation.

The first H240 model, now on the market, required an investment of ?1.4 million. This first application in the nautical industry now opens up other industrial doors to Save Marine, in the hydrolien or canalisations.

H240 Save Marine Turbine

Continuous optimization

In order to ensure the quality of the products sold, Save Marine undertook a long development process. Actually marketed since the Nautic 2015, the first models have been subject to special conditions of sale. Customers benefited from preferential rates, with the possibility of return with reimbursement within 4 months, as well as a free product upgrade after one year thanks to Save Marine's feedback.

Creation of a sales network

Following the success of the 52 H240 models delivered in 2015/2016, Save Marine is working to develop its dealer network. Currently selling mainly directly to individuals, the company offers 3 levels of partnership to professionals wishing to sell the product, ranging from a simple preferential rate to the provision of a demo copy at advantageous conditions.

Save Marine currently has 25 dealers in France and 5 in other European countries.

The company's 2017 objective is to develop an international network, while pursuing measured growth to maintain the technical quality of its products.

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