First site specialized in boat batteries

The site Batterie Marine Diffusion proposes to help you to choose the battery of the board, for the starting, the servitudes or for a model typed electric motorization. To discover!

Batterie Marine Diffusion is the first online sales site for specialized batteries for boats. Set up by a sailor Jean-Pierre Nicol, this site aims to structure a market that is not always readable for the yachtsman. How to choose your battery in front of the plethoric offers difficult to compare?

Site Batterie Marine Diffusion

Today, energy storage is essential. Without electricity on board, life and navigation become much more complex. The site offers advice - very rich - and especially a selection system to help boaters choose their battery. Motorboats or sailboats or even watercraft with electric propulsion, all forms of boats will find here batteries at their feet. "The products offered are intended for the general public. We have a very wide range of lead-acid batteries, the largest on the market. Lithium batteries are certainly very powerful, but given their price, they are only suitable for a few racing teams."

Site Batterie Marine Diffusion

The business part of this site is based on a partnership with a professional distributor based in Brittany. This one ensures the stock and the logistics. And when we talk to the founder about the cost of transport, he has an answer:"Certainly the cost of transport to deliver batteries will be between 20 and 30 €. But as we are about 30% cheaper than a traditional trade, this extra cost should not weigh too much in the balance..."

Site Batterie Marine Diffusion

If the heart of the site remains the battery, it will be enriched as development progresses by offering charging accessories such as solar panels, chargers or regulators. In the future, Batterie Marine Diffusion wants to offer energy on board in its entirety.

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